Jun 8, 2017

New forum!

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Just testing out the new forum and making sure everything works as it's supposed to. So far (function-wise at least) it seems to be a success! It was easy to sign up and easy to navigate even on a mobile device.


If you plan to sign up, just a note that it will choose your e-mail address as your forum name. You can change this in the profile section by clicking on the pencil icon. You may then select any name you want to use.


I don't see a way to use emoticons from a computer, but it's easy enough to do from your phone.


If you want to post a youtube or vimeo video, use the appropriate icon below and post your link in there. It will embed the video like this:

You can even select the size at which you wish to post your video or image by clicking on the embeded video and selecting the small, medium or large icon. You can either justify the video to the left, center or right.

You can't embed facebook videos, but if you post the link, it will go through fine.


If you want to post pictures, click the camera icon at the bottom and select your image:



Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how to improve the site. We'll do our best to fix it.


Just want to say 'thank you' ahead of time for joining, posting and participating in any future discussions. We'd like this to become a fun community to be part of and hope that you enjoy it! :)

Oct 8

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