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Basics & More

What is "Basics & More"? It is a Google Docs living document with over 23,000 words and growing. "Basics & More" covers a wide range of topics from beginner to advanced. It is easy to read with lots of drawings that go along with the text. It is full of gold-nuggets actionable information to help you become the best pilot possible. 

If you would like longer, higher flights, or more consistent and smoother, sexier and safer launches and landings, check it out!


It covers launches, landings, speed-to-fly, decision-making, collapse, stalls, spins, spirals, airspace, lapse rates, inversion layers, risk management and more! It will help you to better understand the questions posed to you on your USHPA P2, P3 and P4 ratings exams

To purchase "Basics & More", please e-mail me: or fill out the contact form below with subject titled "Basics & More Inquiry".

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