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  • For those of you interested, the Red Bull X-Alps competition starts June 16th, 2019. Follow the competing pilots across the Alps and see who wins it all! https://www.redbullxalps.com/
  • http://fortune.com/2017/06/06/leadership-career-advice-work-life-balance-disconnect-work-extreme-sports/ "I was bitten long ago by the extreme sports bug. As a teen growing up near the French Alps, I was an avid paraglider. I loved the thrill of being connected to an inflatable wing where I could soar off hills or mountains using air currents. There's a lot of technique involved and it can be risky..."
  • http://www.grindtv.com/nature/its-time-to-elevate-your-perspective-with-paragliding/#p3eXYb3EHVyzSB0p.97 "No matter how fast you are as a climber, you can only see so much terrain in one day,” says world-class alpinist Zack Smith, who hung up his climbing gear in 2012 after getting hooked on flight. “In long-distance paragliding , you can see an entire mountain range in a few hours. I found that to be incredible.” On any given day when conditions are right (read: not too much wind), Smith and a handful of professional climbers, including Cedar Wright and Matt Segal, can be found high in the air under the power of wind. There are no motors in this sport. “It’s the cheapest way to fly,” says Wright...."
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